Sunday, May 4, 2008

I Don't Get It

I finally got to watch my DVR of Oprah with the chicks from Sex And The City last night. I was always a fan of the show and will go see the movie in a few weeks! On her show they somehow got on the subject of their ages and how in their 20's they really didn't know who they were. I don't get that and have never understood not knowing who you are. Am I the wierd one? I've always known who I am. I can say I didn't always know what I would be doing when I "grew up", but that really didn't take long to figure out. There's enough to worry about in life and I can't imagine struggling with your self image too. Maybe I'm lucky or maybe I just didn't have a choice.


Daisy Mae said...

Love the blog, love the pictures, love the links...I have to peel myself away from the computer now because I could spend all day reading the PW's recipes!!!
Thanks for sharing and I'll visit often.

michelle said...

I didn't watch the show, but I agree, I have always known who I was as well. Charity, great blog..I love the pictures and I can't believe how big the girls have gotten...I feel the same way about my beautiful family. I am the luckiest mum in the world..